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Written on 25th September 2006 G’Day mates , the subject should better be "Adventures from cycling on New Zealand", but I do not want to change the used style . As I wrote last time, we headed on a trip taking 22 days of cycling around the North Island of New Zealand. We did not have [...]

Written on 1st September 2006 G’Day mates , I am writing to you again, this time from New Zealand. We moved a bit on the east last Wednesday but I will start from the beginning. I wrote about Sydney and Opera House last time. We went to Bondi Beach by train and bus the next day and swam [...]

Written on 20th August 2006 G’Day mates , as I wrote last time, Kukin and I went to try surfing two weeks ago. We were joined by Anna (our friend from Sweden), Richard from Canada and Adam from UK. We were a small group and had got an excellent instructor that explained us everything on a [...]

Written on 9th August 2006 Hi mates , as I wrote in the last email, we headed to Hervey Bay last Wednesday. We decided to try hitch hiking because I wanted to try it and also save 57 dolars for a bus. It did not go so good. We stopped five cars (I could talk [...]

Written on 1st August 2006 Hi mates , I am still in one piece and no crocodile has eaten me . I and my friends flew to Darwin, hired a 4WD (4 wheel drive) car Toyota LandCruiser and went for a 12-days trip the length and breadth of nature parks in Northern Territory. The weather [...]