Logo TSCThis text was written the night after painballing and after having a couple of biers 😉 . You can also read what Ori wrote about this event.

Heroes from the Yellow Team

On Sunday June the 17th we all went to play paintball. Some of us were experienced since they have played paintball before and some of us played this game first time. Nonetheless, this was not meant as a competition but as a social action organised by TSC (Taekwon-do Social Club). Apart from people training Taekwon-do took part in this game also friends of us, working colleagues as well as my friends from Aikido including my sensej Lorcan.

We were divided into two groups, Yellow and Red teams.  I was a member of the Yellow Team and even though we were outnumbered, we were brave and not afraid of dying for our mates. Of course, we lost in the end since our planning was not that good.

In total we played six games, first two were just training games in the forest where we were supposed to try how to shoot and how to avoid of being shot 🙂 . I clearly remember instructions given to us at the beginning that head shots are not allowed. I reminded this rule even after I was shot third time during the first game to my head and got a lump 😉 .

Third and fourth games were placed in an area around a fort, well defended by one team. Mission of the second team was to take a flag placed near the fort and bring it to a base camp at the other side of the fort. Pat, as a big leader of the Yellow Team, came up with a brilliant plan that a few people should be without guns, run for the flag while others would cover them. The plan sounded promising; the only fault of it was that it did not work. We created a group of five (later on in a pub named the “Suicide Squad”) including me, Pat, Li, Rory and Lorcan and we tried our best. Have to say that we were shot into pieces. During my first try I got about a half of metre far from the flag when I was shot. Therefore I raised my hand, turned my back towards the fort and wanted to back away. However at that time I got another 6 hits to my back marking me with bruises for about a week. Well, that is a life of a soldier. Others were not luckier. The second attempt just copied the first one. After about 4 minutes whole our Suicide Squad was inside of a “dead zone” followed up by the other members of the Yellow Team.

However the real hero was Li. Mission of the last two games was to defend our own flag placed inside a fort and try to steal an enemy flag. A minute remained until the end of the last game; I was already dead, when I saw someone running unarmed towards the enemy fort and passing successfully the outer barrier nearly without noticing. It was Li. However, when he reached the enemy flag and carried it for about 10 cm he was shot into pieces from a very close distance by all defenders who turned their weapons towards him. Well, it was insane, brave and … and helped us remember that even though our team lost our only regret was that we could not die more than twice for each other 🙂 .

In my opinion this game was very good fun and everybody I talked to enjoyed it. I would like to thank Pat for organising this game and also Ori for getting people’s emails and deposits. Without them we would not have played paintball. Just want to note that both of them were members of the Yellow Team!

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